The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

May 20, 2016

The Power of Now AudioBook


I never knew it was possible to have a book be so life altering and so boring at the same time until now.  Perhaps it was my mistake in choosing The Power of Now audiobook over the paperback but who has the time for paperbacks anymore?  If you’re not multitasking you’re dead in the water.

I generally don’t buy into the whole snake oil holy man guru niché but this book had so much traction and recommendations it was hard to avoid, plus everybody and their cat are concerned about reaching enlightenment these days so I figured why not check out what has fast become the bible on the subject?  Warning! This one is not for the close minded but the fact you’re reading an Eckhart Tolle review means you probably at least have your mind slightly a jar.

The hook point of this book comes right at the beginning with Eckhart Tolle describing his former self, a character profile the masses can relate to and identify with. You find yourself internally screaming “That’s me!!!” as he describes his past anxieties of work and life.  He then describes his almost instant transformation to the ever present guru we know today.  While this sounds somewhat unbelievable Mr. Tolle assures us with his calming tones that it is very much possible.

The book then proceeds to explain the power of the now and being ever present and how our identification with our egoic minds and pain body is the root of all our unhappiness.  Now I must admit the drollness of the narration and drawn out explanations almost had me throwing my arms up in the air as the sheer thought of entertaining these ideas requires the reader to put aside everything they know about themselves and the human condition.  This book is like 10 Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking on your mind’s door and can test your patience at times but the rewards it promises are too intriguing to ignore.

The book revolves around two concepts, the main being our lack of presence due to our identification with our minds, constantly thinking of the past and the future to ensure its survival while triggering our anxieties and fears.  The second concept is that of the pain body which Eckhart eerily describes as an entity of its own which feeds on our negative emotions.  Each ailment is discussed in detail with the treatments laid out and your questions preempted.

My main takeaway from the book came in the form of a sample exercise where Eckhart encourages us to become the watcher of our minds, for me this was such a profound thought or anti-thought, that I found it fascinating.  While practicing the exercise described ever so calmly by Eckhart in the audiobook to become present I found myself really feeling it was working which excited me no end.  Despite the long-windedness of some of the passages the main call to action of this book to become more present, end over-thinking and find your spiritual body has to be a positive one.

Everything discussed by Eckhart Tolle (and his two friends if you by The Power of Now audiobook) really does seem to make sense despite leaving you rather clueless with how to practically apply it in real life.  While I personally have no expectations of becoming spiritually awakened anytime soon I found the simple exercises of being present in the moment, life altering.


  • If you are a typical modern day over-thinker and worrier constantly wishing your life away by looking to the future this book is a must read.
  • Approach the book with an open mind and prepare for an assault on your patience.
  • Perhaps opt for the paper back or kindle edition, while I do enjoy multitasking the audio proved tough listening at times.
  • Try some of the techniques described in the book.  Become the watcher of your mind and observe the pain body.
  • While it may not become your go-to manual on how to become enlightened the takeaway message of being more present can only be a positive one.
  • I found this book comparable to the time I watched Inception, at every point I knew and understood exactly what was happening but struggled to put it all together in the end.

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