Men’s Printed Satin Bomber Jacket Trend

June 16, 2016


Saint Laurent Satin Bomber Jacket

Saint Laurent Satin Printed Bomber Jacket (Click to Shop)

You might recognise this little gem from non-other than Justin Bieber who donned the satin bomber during his performance at The Brit Awards this year, but if the Biebs doesn’t have enough street cred for you to respect this satin bomber jacket then how bout Keith Richards??  The legendary Stones front-man broke out the exact same men’s printed bomber jacket the very next night while performing in Brazil.

This has to be one of the most amazing pieces from the Saint Laurent Surf Sound Collection 16 catching the wave of satin souvenir bomber jackets and palm printed pieces trend and mashing them into one beautiful satin bomber.  In addition this piece isn’t just On-trend but is also now a little piece of Saint Laurent history being one of the final collections designed by Hedi Silmane before his departure.

However at over €2500 it’s no wonder this jacket is reserved for rock royalty and pop-stars alike.  But don’t hang your head just yet; as usual I’ve got you covered with an awesome alternative printed bomber for only €40 (summer sale price).



Zara Satin Bomber Jacket

Zara Printed Bomber Jacket (Click to Shop)

This printed bomber is from Zara and is one of the best bombers I’ve seen so far for 2016.  With very similar palm print to its Saint Laurent counterpart and less imposing colour palette this jacket is made for those looking to stay on-trend and make an under-toned statement.  You may be compromising on quality with the outer-shell being polyester but it looks killer and the money you save does cushion the blow even if it is with a polyester cushion.


If you can afford a little bit of fashion history and want to dress in real rock star style then it’s hard to look past the Saint Laurent satin bomber jacket but if it’s just too far out of your price range then the Zara printed bomber is where it’s at.  While it may not be real satin this bomber looks amazing and for only a €40 quid investment is the much smarter buy for what is most likely a fleeting fashion trend.

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